JAN 2019 Cone 6 Explorers

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tuesdays, january 8 - february 26, 6:30 - 8:30 with jewels wagner

Queen City Clay is offering brand new clay bodies as a result of partnering with Kentucky Mudworks.  This is your chance to try out these new clays in combination with our cone six glazes!  Each student will select 2 contrasting clay bodies (25 LBS. each) to experiment with over the course of 8 weeks.  We will learn how to create vertical test tiles that include texture for testing.  After that, the possibilities are limited only to your imagination.  Dip, paint, or spray the glazes.  Try marbling contrasting clays, create slips or employ any of your favorite techniques.  We will make observations as a class and learn from each other, making final forms with our clay bodies and surfaces in mind.  Finally, your favorite combinations will be presented in a gallery exhibit in the studio.  50lbs of Kentucky Mudworks mid-range clay included in class fee.  Yearly class members must pay a lab fee of $25 for this class.  Total for Class + Clay: $270

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