Glaze Chemistry

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tuesdays, may 16-july 4**, 6:30-8:30 with andrew osterburg

In this class we will cover the basic chemistry of glazes and how to manipulate that chemistry to make your own unique glazes.  We will examine the materials that make up a glaze, learning about fluxes, colorants, and temperatures.  You will learn how and why to calculate Unitary Molecular Formulas (UMF) and where your glaze fits on the Stull chart.  Some math will be involved, but you will survive.  Class will be part lecture and part demonstrations.  Time outside of class hours will be required to mix and test glazes.  Students will also be required to purchase a half-face respirator with P-100 HEPA filters.  All basic glaze chemicals you will need are covered by the class fee.  **no Tuesday class glaze week, 7/4-Independence Day.  Tuesday students may glaze with any other class this week.

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